Fargo Drives videos about final drives

About Fargo Drives

Fargo Drives is part of VTS Track Solutions and has been the specialist in best quality final drives for several machine brands for years. Learn more about us and our products in this video.

Ordering a new final drive & dismantling old final drive

When your current final drive is worn, you'll want to order a new one as soon as possible. In this video, we will explain how to order a new final drive and how to dismantle your current final drive.

Mounting new final drive

When assembling your new final drive, it is important that this is done correctly. This is because mounting your final drive incorrectly can cause damage. In this video, we explain how to mount your final drive.

Changing the oil in your final drive

In this video, we explain how to change the oil, which oil is best and how you should check the oil level of your final drive.

Measuring your final drive step by step

When ordering a new final drive, it is important that the final drive has the right dimensions, otherwise it may not fit in your undercarriage. In this video, we show you how to measure your final drive.