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Returning products

We, at Fargo Drives, are convinced that the travel drive that you order will fit on your machine. It can, of course, always be the case that the travel drives that you have ordered do not meet your expectations or that you received the wrong one by mistake. You can therefore always return your travel drives at Fargo Drives.

Travel drive and part return terms and conditions:

  • You must have made one of our employees aware that you would like to return the parts within eight days after you have received your order.
  • The return costs are charged at 15% of the sales price. These costs will not apply if the travel drive does not fit on the machine, but is offered with a 100% fit guarantee. Please send a photo of the nameplate for this. Please do contact us if you want more information regarding this.
  • If you have used and/or installed a travel drive, the travel drive can no longer be returned.
  • If travel drives are purchased especially for you upon your request, they cannot be returned.
  • If the travel drives are being returned due to Fargo Drives or one of its employees or when products need to be exchanged, the terms and conditions may be deviated from.

How returning items works:

  • If you want to return part of what you received, you must make this known to one of our employees within eight days after you received your order.
  • The member of staff you speak to will give you a return number. You must specify this return number on the shipment to be returned.
  • The products that you are returning must be packed properly and, wherever possible, in the original packaging. They must also be provided with the return number.
  • You can deliver your products personally or send them to our site by using a postal or package service:

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If you have any questions about the return process, please let us know. We will gladly help you!

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