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My machine / OEM number / final drive dimensions is not listed

You just searched for a final drive for your machine, but you see now that your machine, your OEM number or the dimensions of your final drive is/are not amongst them. What should you do?

In the Fargo Drives webshop, we offer final drives for machines of as many brands and types as possible. We have many years of experience and therefore we can easily identify which final drives fit on which machines. It can, unfortunately, be the case that we do not (yet) offer your OEM number, machine or dimensions for your final drive. The probability is then high that we will not know which final drive fits on your machine. But with a little help, we will find out!

If you cannot find your machine, OEM number or dimensions of your final drive in our webshop, be sure to contact us. We will gladly search with you to find the right match for you. Since you can tell us about your existing faulty final drive, we will find a suitable new one anyway in most cases.

Are you looking for a final drive for your excavator?

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