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Terex excavator final drives

In 1933, the Euclid Company was established by the Armington brothers. The success in producing and designing tractors got the attention of General Motors a little later. In 1953, this company took over Euclid Company, which was given the Terex name 17 years later in 1970. The name has a special meaning. It means ‘king’ and ‘earth’.

Terex is an American organisation that produc4es machines for lifting, processing and moving heavy products. They do this with, for example, aerial work platforms, cranes and earth-moving machines. These machines are mainly produced for construction in, for example, the mining or infrastructure sectors. As from when Terex was created, the company has developed a number of extremely heavy machines. The company brought the world's first off-road truck and the world’s first twin-powered bulldozer onto the market. Terex is, for example, involved in manufacturing material processing machines and lifting equipment.

Your Terex machine may possibly have broken down. A reason may be a worn final drive. It is key to replace the final drive as soon as possible so that you can again start working. We offer the right solution at Fargo Drives for this. You can therefore find a replacement final drive at our company as soon as possible that is of a comparable quality to your current final drive.

Fargo Drives offers a wide range of comparable final drives for your machine. So, are you looking for a suitable final drive for your machine? No problem! We have a number of smart search methods that will easily help you on your way. You can then search based on the dimensions of your final drive, the OEM number or the brand and type of your machine. Do you need more information? Please contact us.

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