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Sumitomo was established in Japan. Initially, the founder opened a bookstore that mainly become known due to the melting down of copper. Later on, the company also focused on other products. Sumitomo also became known in the metal sector, banking sector and forestry. The company started to work in partnership with Link-Belt in 1963 to establish a construction branch as part of the company.

These days, Sumitomo mainly produces truck cranes and excavators. The most important core issue for the Sumitomo company is comfort. In addition, they have as their goal to ensure their machines always save on fuel and that they are powerful.

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Due to the frequent use of your machine, it may be the case that a part breaks such as a final drive in your undercarriage. When this happens, your machine will stop working and you will not be able to continue. You then want to have this resolved as soon as possible. At Fargo Drives, you will quickly and easily find a final drive that you can use as a replacement for your Sumitomo machine.

Are you looking for a final drive for your Sumitomo machine? You’ve come to the right place at Fargo Drives! We deliver final drives that can replace very many brands and types of machines including for Sumitomo machines (see below for information regarding the types). Find the right product for your machine by using the search bar above or on the homepage. Search through the brand and type of your machine, the OEM number or the dimensions of your final drive.

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