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Final drives for Mitsubishi machines

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Mitsubishi was founded when Yataro Iwasaki took over the Tsukoma Shokai company in 1870. This was the start of a shipping company with three outdated steamships. Eventually, the company expanded into many different areas, laying the foundation for the Mitsubishi companies. After the Second World War, the original organisation was dissolved and turned into today’s independent Mitsubishi companies. The brand operates in several sectors and has undergone many developments in its 150 year life span.

Mitsubishi is well known as a car brand, but it is also active in mining, shipbuilding, aerospace, trading and real estate. The brand also makes tracked dumpers that can be used for construction, agriculture, landscaping and much more. The company is also known for its commitment to the environment. By using advanced technology, Mitsubishi is creating a world with lower carbon emissions and more recycling.

Your Mitsubishi final drive is worn?

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Your working away on your Mitsubishi tracked dumper when the machine suddenly stops. This is, of course, very inconvenient because you want continue working as soon as possible. A likely reason for it to stop so suddenly is a worn final drive. If that is the case, the final drive will have to be replaced. Fargo Drives is exactly the right place to buy your new final drive.

Our search options allow you to easily find the right final drive for your Mitsubishi machine. You can search by brand and type of your machine, but also based on the OEM number or the dimensions of your final drive.

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