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Final drives for Holmac machines

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Holmac was established in 1969. The company started making precision products for tool machines in 1969. The company started to produce pumps and hydraulic components at the beginning of the 1970s for use in wood press machines and car lifters for servicing cars. They successfully experimented with the hydraulic pump and with an engine that was submerged in oil by the end of the 1970s.

In 1981, a significant change occurred at the company: they were going to focus more on the requirements of the tree nursery sector and they created a revolutionary piece of equipment that was the first practical mechanical tool for work at nurseries, that is, a hydraulic spade. This product was easy to use at extremely low operational costs and therefore easily adjustable to the very many requirements that present themselves in nurseries. This has meant that this product was a huge success. As from the 1990s, Holmac grew to become a leading international company thanks to a wide range of tracked tree diggers.

final drive holmac

When you often work with your machine, the final drive in the undercarriage may wear at a certain point in time. This may man that your machine will suddenly stop working. When this happens, you, of course, want to receive new final drives for your machine on site as soon as possible. You can easily and quickly order new final drives for your machine at Fargo Drives. When you order products on a working day before 3 p.m., it will be shipped that very same day.

If you order through the Fargo Drives webshop, you will know for sure that you have the right products as long as you enter the information in the search bar correctly. You can, for example, search based on the brand and type of your machine, the OEM number or the dimensions of your final drive. Next, you will receive the correct final drive match in relation to your search instruction. You will therefore always be assured of the correct order being placed. Do you want to find out more about this or do you have other questions about a final drive? We will be pleased to help you further. So do not hesitate in contacting us.

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