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The Airman company falls under Hokuetsu Industries. Hokuetsu Industries is a company that was established in 1938 that mainly is involved in fabricating and developing air compressors. The Airman brand has developed down the years and has even achieved a number of records with the Clean Air energy innovation as an environmentally friendly and safe energy source.

The brand represents originality and reliability. Airman is mainly involved in the production of aerial work platforms and mini excavators. During production, the knowledge based on air, electronics and hydraulic pressure technologies is combined. By combining this knowledge, Airman develops its new innovative machines. Airman also takes the environment into account during the production of its machines. The brand, after all, aims at minimising energy consumption.

It is possible that your Airman machine has stopped working. Naturally, this is not a good situation and you want to get this problem solved as quickly as possible. A reason for the machine not working may be a worn final drive. This final drive must be replaced, but luckily you are exactly at the right place at Fargo Drives to buy a new final drive.

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You can easily find the right final drive for your Airman machine via our search methods. The search methods can be split into searching based on the OEM number of your machine, the brand and type of your machine and the dimensions of the final drive. Do you want to know more about our search methods? Please contact us: we will gladly help.

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