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Repair my final drive or order a completely new one?

If the final drive of your excavator breaks down, you can immediately order a new on at the Fargo Drives webshop. It is, however, not always necessary to order a completely new travel drive. Another option is to repair your final drive. However, when is it better to repair your final drive and when is it better to buy a new one?

Repairing final drive

Repairing or having your final drive repaired

Sometimes you can have your final drive repaired. You can do this yourself, but we would be happy to do this for you. Our final drive experts can repair your drive at our workshop in Maarheeze. If you want more information regarding this, visit our page about repairs.

If you decide to do the repairs yourself, you can also visit the Fargo Drives webshop for parts for your final drive. We also supply sun gears, motor shafts and lifetime seals.

If only one part of your final drive is broken, it may be better to repair it. Repairing your drive or having it repaired is a cheaper option in the short term. Do, however, keep in mind that, if you want to make long-term use of your machine, it may perhaps be better to buy a new drive.

Ordering a new travel drive

Do you want to use your travel drive for a longer period? It will then probably be best to buy a new drive. You can easily and quickly order a new final drive in the Fargo Drives webshop that can be used as a replacement for the worn travel drive that is currently installed in your undercarriage. This new travel drive will then again last for a long time.

new final drive

We always recommend buying two final drives simultaneously. This is why you will always benefit from a 10% discount when you order two drives that are the same in our webshop. Do you want to know why we recommend this? Find out about getting the 10% discount here.

If you have a worn or faulty travel drive and have doubts what the best choice is, please contact us: we will gladly help you take the best decision.

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