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Make sure that your final drive fits your machine

A final drive for the undercarriage of your machine is very size-specific. It is therefore very important that you check the dimensions of your final drive carefully before ordering a new one for your machine. If the dimensions are not correct, the drive will not fit.

To help you with this and to ensure that you order the correct travel drive for your machine, we use a 100% fit guarantee.

Final drive with 100% fit guarantee

hydraulic final drive

In the Fargo Drives webshop, we have a selected number of hydraulic final drives that have the "100% fit" label. When you are looking for a final drive for your brand and type of machine, you may come across this label.

With a 100% fit, we guarantee that the final drive you have searched for will fit the machine, provided you have entered the brand and type of your machine. At Fargo Drives we have a database in which we store the size data of various excavators. Do you get a result when you search by brand and type, and do the data you entered match the nameplate of your machine? If so, we are 100% convinced that you will be sent a suitable drive.

You do not see a 100% fit with the final drive? Then we ask you to check the dimensions just to be sure. That way we can still be sure that you are ordering the right product.

In the unlikely event that the final drive does not fit your machine, please contact us immediately. We will try to find a suitable solution.

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Benefit from discount on your second travel drive

It is wise to order two travel drives at the same time. After all, if one is broken, there is a good chance that the drive on the other side of the chassis will also need to be replaced soon. This is why we always recommend ordering two travel drives, and why you always benefit from a 10% discount on your second drive.

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