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How can I measure my final drive?

When looking for a new final drive for your machine, it is important to know the right dimensions, otherwise the final drive will not fit into the machine and must be returned. We already know the dimensions for many brands and types, but unfortunately not all of them yet. In that case, we can still help you if you provide us with the correct dimensions of your final drive

What do you need?

You will need the following items to measure your final drive:

  • A tape measure
  • A small calliper
  • A large calliper

You don’t have a large calliper? An outside calliper in combination with a tape measure is a good alternative.

In the video below, we explain exactly how you should measure your final drive in the best and most specific way:

Intake form

Below you will find the intake form. You can fill in all the measurements in this form. If you can't measure everything, that's no problem. Just make sure you fill in as much as you can on the intake form so that we can offer you the right final drive.

Fargo Drives | Intake form (fargo-drives.com)

Do you still have questions about the measurement of your final drive? Or do you have another question? Please contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Are you looking for a final drive for your excavator?