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How do I dismount my broken final drive?

Your final drive is doing hard work and will need to be replaced sooner or later. You can come to Fargo Drives for new final drives. Before ordering your new final drive, it is important that you first remove the old drive from the machine. This way, you can easily measure your final drive and know exactly which product to re-order.

Before removing the final drive, mark the hoses first. You do this with different coloured tie wraps, for example. This reduces the chance of connecting the hoses to the new drive incorrectly. Then remove the sprocket from the final drive and unscrew the hoses. When disconnecting the hoses, oil may leak. So make sure you have a drip tray and sealing material. After unscrewing the hoses, you can unscrew the final drive and take it out.

See the video on how to dismantle your final drives for more information.

Check for dirt and metal residue

When you disconnect the hoses, immediately check for dirt and metal residue. If you find any, clean your system thoroughly. This will prevent damage to your travel drive. It is also a good idea to think about the other travel drives in your machine. After all, it has done the same number of hours and will probably also need replacing after a while. If you order two travel drives at the same time, you will receive a standard 10% discount.

Mounting your new travel drive

After you have removed the final drive from the machine, you can mount your new travel drive. Read our blog on mounting your travel drives to find out how to do this correctly. Do you still have questions about the disassembly or assembly? Feel free to contact us.

Are you looking for new travel drives for your excavator? Use the search bar above to find the right travel drives for your machine. Or simply request a quotation.

Are you looking for a final drive for your excavator?